It can be difficult to explain to people just how big an impact staging can have on their final sales result. People generally stage or they don’t so its difficult to determine exactly how it would have done if the situation were reversed. Many agents tell me that they see the huge difference staging makes over and over again, but that it is still difficult to sell.

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Here is some powerful proof from a realestate.com report that an agent showed me recently (click to enlarge). A home was listed, vacant, for almost a month, and the listing was highlighted on the realestate.com website (see circle on the left side of the Campaign Timeline graph). After some initial interest the views tapered out and with no offers and in despair, the property was taken off the market. With encouragement from the agent, the property was home staged, new photos taken and relisted. As you can see, the highlighted section shows that this time the listing received many more views, and more importantly it SOLD for almost $50,000 over its initially appraised value. Happy owners, happy agent, fabulous result.

If you are an agent – might I suggest you save this link as Brisbane based proof to show your clients the power of home staging. If you are selling your home, I hope this helps you to understand the impact that home staging can have on your sales result.

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