Choosing the Right Colour for Each Room

When it comes to interior design, we often tend to focus on aesthetics, furniture, and layout. However, there’s another essential aspect that has an impact on our emotions and mood in any space – colour. Colour psychology is an intriguing concept that explores how different colours can influence our feelings, behaviour, and overall well-being. By understanding the psychological effects of colours, you can use it to your advantage to create the vibe you want within your home. 

Colour psychology is rooted in the way our brains perceive and process different colours, triggering different emotional responses. Each colour has its own unique psychological impact:


Symbolising passion and energy, red can stimulate excitement and intensity. 

Ideal Uses: for spaces where you want to promote activity and social interaction, such as the dining area or entertainment room.


This colour is associated with tranquility and calmness. It can even promote relaxation and lower blood pressure. 

Ideal Uses: blue is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.


This vibrant hue is known to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism, and encourage creativity and productivity. 

Ideal Uses: it’s an excellent choice for kitchens and playrooms


The colour of nature, green evokes a sense of balance and harmony. It’s ideal for spaces where you want to create a calming and refreshing atmosphere

Ideal Uses: living rooms or study areas


This colour symbolises luxury and creativity, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Ideal Uses: Use in moderation for bedrooms, living rooms or home offices to enhance a sense of sophistication.


A warm and energetic color, orange can create a cosy, inviting atmosphere but also encourages socialisation and conversation. 

Ideal uses: the living room or dining room.

Neutral Colour

Colours like white, beige, and grey provide a versatile and timeless backdrop for any room. They compliment other colours and can create a sense of openness and purity.

Ideal Uses: this colour can be used in any room

We hope this helps provide some clarity on how and where you should be using your favourite colour in your home. It’s easy to replicate a particular interior style but to make it more personal you could be introducing a different colour into the mix. Similar to how Hamptons style used to be primarily blue and white, we are now seeing variations with more neutral, earthy colours. You can create the home of your dreams and not be limited by a particular colour. Experiment with different tones and transform your home into a beautiful space that feels like you. Happy decorating!


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